I wanted to show you a cool new app that comes with your Done 4 You System subscription – The VideoNewsletter. It’s an easy way for you to add video, links, images and text and create a simple landing page that generates a unique URL. You can then share that unique URL through email, text message and social media. You can even redirect it to a benefit rich URL you register.
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Share unique videos across multiple platforms
Build trust with video and shorten the follow up process
A Common Problem Real Estate Agents Have When Following Up [with Todd Walters]
How to Add Emails and Send Your Completed VideoEmails
How to Manage Email Text for Your VideoEmails
How to Send Your VideoEmail Through Your Contact Management System
How to Add a Pre-Roll or Post-Roll Video
How to Create and Edit Your VideoEmail Template
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Why Presentation?
Why SMS/Texting?
Why VideoEmail?
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