I wanted to show you a cool new app that comes with your Done 4 You System subscription The VideoNewsletter. Its an easy way for you to add video, links, images and text and create a simple landing page that generates a unique URL. You can then share that unique URL through email, text message and social media. You can even redirect it to a benefit rich URL you register.
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Share unique videos across multiple platforms
Build trust with video and shorten the follow up process
A Common Problem Real Estate Agents Have When Following Up [with Todd Walters]
Pre-Selling Kit Assembly
Done 4 You Video Best Practices
Converters are now 100% Responsive
Sending a VideoText Using an Existing Video Link
Updating Videos in Your Desktop
Updating Videos in the Management Section
Buyer and Recruiting Converter Control Panel Examples
Editing the Basic Info Section
Editing Converter Audio
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