Hello… I just put the finishing touches on this months “REAL ESTATE NEWS FROM ME. Click here: https://bit.ly/MayHomeward2020
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Bob and Sandy Jamison Live Interview with Brad Sussman 01-30-2020
Sandy Jamison consults with KTVU about Skyrocketing Housing Costs causing South Bay Exodus
KPIX Channel 5 interviews Sandy Jamison about the Bay Area Mass Exodus
Bob and Sandy Jamison Interview with Brad Sussman 11-6-2019
KTVU Interviews Sandy Jamison about Landlords Packing up and Moving Out
Fox News Interviews Sandy Jamison, California landlord, angry with high cost of living in Bay Area
Bob and Sandy Jamison LIVE at KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman & Katie Green
Sandy and Bob Jamison live with Brian Sussman KFSO560 Radio – Sandy Has Buyers
Experts Predict Cooling Off For South Bay Housing Market In 2020
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Natalie & Mike's Wedding - by GTA Event Videos
Allan and Julie's Wedding - by GTA Event Videos
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